The characteristic that shapes swimming pool design most is swimming pool shapes. It plays a significant role in any pool project as you can form your backyards aesthetic and ambiance with the different kinds of swimming pool shapes. Today, we explore the top swimming pool shapes for your backyard.

Rectangle Pools
Rectangle swimming pool shapes are a timeless choice and create a sophisticated look with clean lines. If you prefer a traditional aesthetic then this shape is perfect. The versatility of rectangle swimming pool shapes is unmatched as it can be used for any formal or informal occasions.

Kidney Pools
A kidney shaped swimming pool gives your backyard a softer, more inviting look. Great for homes with limited space, the curved design of a kidney shaped swimming pool creates a division between shallow and deep ends, making it a family-friendly option.

L-Shaped Pools
If you want more functionality out of your pool, you should consider an L shaped swimming pool. An L shaped swimming pool can serve multiple purposes. The long section is ideal for swimming laps or playing games, while the short section can be used for lounging or a shallow play area for children.

Freeform Pools
Give your oasis a more relaxed and natural look with a freeform pool shape. Freeform swimming pool shapes are meant to mimic natural bodies of water with irregular shapes and flowing lines. These pools can seamlessly blend into any landscape and create a resort-like ambiance.

Grecian/Roman Pools
Add a formal touch of elegance to your backyard with Grecian/Roman swimming pool shapes. The Grecian pool shape features a rectangle with clipped corners while the Roman pool shape is a rectangle with stylized circular ends.

Infinity Pools
Not many inground swimming pool shapes can match the drama, flair, and touch of luxury that an infinity pool brings. They create an optical illusion where the water appears to go beyond the horizon. Infinity swimming pool shapes are perfect for those who have the space and a view.

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