Pool Remodeling 4-1-1: What You Need to Know for a Stunning Transformation

When it comes to enhancing your backyard oasis, nothing can transform a dated, worn-out space into a luxurious retreat like a pool remodel.  Whether you’re dreaming of a complete overhaul or subtle touches, knowing where to start is important. In today’s blog we’ll help you get started on your pool remodel.

Assess Your Current Pool
Knowing what needs to be improved for your pool remodel starts with an assessment of your current pool. Assess the structural integrity of your pool by looking for cracks, leaks, and other damages. Then evaluate your equipment efficiency by looking at your pumps and filters, heaters, and other pool systems. Lastly, look at your pool’s aesthetic appeal to see if it could be improved.

Determine Your Swimming Pool Remodeling Goals
The next step is to set goals for your pool remodel. Defining the objectives will guide the design and execution of your pool remodel project. Some pool remodel ideas are:

  • Improve Functionality: Enhance the usability and efficiency of your pool to increase reliability, performance, and enjoyment. Upgrade your system to energy-efficient equipment. Implement pool automation with smart technology to automate cleaning, heating, and chemical balancing. Consider adding steps and handrails for better accessibility.
  • Update Aesthetics: Refresh the look of your pool to transform your backyard into an oasis. Opt for new finishes such as pebble or tile to renew the look of your pool. Implement water features such as waterfalls or fountains to add visual appeal and relaxing sounds. Also, add lighting such as LEDs to create ambience and transform your evening swimming experience.
  • Add Luxury Features: Incorporate luxury elements to elevate your pool to match a resort. Spas and hot tubs can improve relaxation and be therapeutic. Fire features such as pits or fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere. Outdoor living spaces such as seating areas can complement your pool.

A pool remodel can transform your worn-out pool into the oasis of your dreams. Whether you want a few simple touches or a complete revamp, knowing where to start is crucial.

To take the first step of your pool remodel journey,  reach out to a pool building expert. At Pronto Pools, we specialize in high-end pool remodels and new pool construction. You can contact us here or give us a call at (302)764-0408 to get started.
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